到现在我们学了: 虚心的人有福了!因为天国是他们的。 4哀恸的人有福了!因为他们必得安慰。(马太 5:3,4)


今天要学习的是: 温柔的人有福了!因为他们必承受地土。(马太 5:5)

1. 如果你曾经参加过管理方面的培训,可能听过这句话: “抓住今天!只有强壮和勇敢的人能够成功!“

2. 谁将承受地土?根据世俗的的规则,只有那些能够抓住今天的人,那些勇敢和强壮的人不会浪费机会,才能够承受地土。 但是, 耶稣却说: “温柔的人有福了,因为他们能够承受地土。”

3. 犹太人等待的弥赛亚的到来将他们从罗马人的统治中拯救出来。他们希望的弥赛亚能够作为他们的领导推翻罗马统治,并建立起自己的国家和制度。 因此,他们严格地遵守摩西的律法,以期待弥赛亚来解救他们建立属于犹太人自己的国家。

4. 当弥赛亚来的时候,他们期望弥赛亚赞扬他们为其忠心保持法律和保持他们的宗教传统和仪式,并对他们说”上帝感到高兴的是你和你可以进入神的王国”。

5. 然而,当耶稣来的时候,他向世人宣布:

虚心的人有福了!因为天国是他们的。 并不是那些自认为是义的人而是那些认为自己是罪人的人有福了。 哀恸的人有福了!因为他们必得安慰。 并不是那些高兴的,满足于自己的人,而是那些为自己的罪哀恸的人有福了. 温柔的人有福了!因为他们必承受地土。 并不是那些强壮的、勇敢的人有福了,而是那些温柔谦卑的人。

6. 我们现今的社会通常教导人们只有那些强壮的、勇敢的人才能够成功。让我们看看耶稣是如何说的: >>>


What we have learned so far: 3“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 4 Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. (Matthew 5:3,4)

Jesus began His ministry on earth by calling all sinners to repent for the kingdom of God has come. We could only come to repentance when we recognise that we are “poor in spirit” – that have nothing good in us that qualifies us to enter the kingdom of God. This leads us to mourn over our sins when we come before God to confess and repent of our sins. God responds to our confession and repentance with forgiveness. He then imparts on us His righteousness.

Today’s beatitude: Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.(Matthew 5L5, NIV)

1. If you attend any management course or courses on positive thinking, you will know this motto: “Carpe diem” – seize the day! Only the strong and the brave will succeed! So say all motivational speakers.

2. Who will inherit the earth? According to the world, only those who seize the day and don’t waste opportunities. Only those who are strong and brave. These will inherit the earth. But, listen to what Jesus says: “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”

3. The Jews were waiting for the arrival of the Messiah to rescue them from Roman occupation and oppression. They expected their Messiah to come as their leader who would lead them to overthrow the Roman rulers and then establish a spiritual kingdom on earth where they, the Jews, will rule alongside their Messiah. So, they kept themselves faithful to the Laws of Moses, they followed strictly their traditions and religious ceremonies in preparation for the day their Messiah would come to free them and to establish his kingdom on earth.

4. When Messiah came, they expected him to commend them for their faithfulness in keeping the laws and in keeping all their religious traditions and ceremonies and to say to them, “God is pleased with you and you can now all enter into His kingdom.”

5. Instead, when Jesus came, He announced:

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Not those who think they are righteous, but those who are sinners. Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Not those who are happy and satisfied with themselves, but those who are sad about their sins. Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth. Not those who are strong, proud and brave, but those who are humble.

6. We live in a society that has always taught that victory is only for those who are strong and brave and proud. But look at Jesus: >>>